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Workplace Bullying University for Mental Health Professionals

Our training helps counselors, social workers, and psychotherapists specialize their practice and incorporate treatment strategies specifically suited for bullied individuals.

It's a burgeoning market. More than one third of all adult Americans report they are currently bullied at work, or have been in the past (WBI, 2017, 2014, 2010, 2007). General Anxiety Disorder, Major Depression, Substance Abuse & Dependence, Acute Stress Disorder, and PTSD are but a few of the diagnoses you will encounter when working with targets of workplace bullying. Several university studies reliably found greater mental health harm associated with bullying than with other forms of harassment. One study equates the severity of bullying with rape.

The recurring trauma and marked isolation they endure, make targets a very challenging clinical population. Unfortunately, many times they are misunderstood and misdiagnosed, which may result in unnecessary delays or a complete denial of appropriate therapeutic care. As a mental health professional, you are uniquely positioned to address these concerns, to teach effective coping skills, and to guide targets toward healthy new beginnings.

WBI's WB University training provides the requisite specialized education on the topic of workplace bullying for helping professionals. Specific clinical insights include:

• Etiology of the phenomenon of workplace bullying

• Profile of the typical bullied target

• Common emotional and physiological symptoms

• Difficulties targets have with presenting complaints

• The likelihood of misdiagnoses

• Resistance-to-change issues rooted in perceived injustice

• Research-based approach to dealing with bullied targets

• Factors that mitigate & facilitate recovery

Our clinical staff contribute substantially to University curriculum development, ensuring that your distinct needs are met.

Will you be there to help your bullied clients with sound, empirically-based information, understanding, and encouragement? There is a significant and growing demand for caring, well-trained clinicians with specialized knowledge in workplace bullying.

Register today or call for more information -- 360.656.6630

Comments about the training from previous attendees practicing in mental health fields:

For those on fire to change an adverse culture, this course is a great primer for research and to point the direction that must be taken to eliminate bullies from the workplace. - P.B. (RN)

You must go to one of these trainings! Gary and Ruth are awesome! My experience at Workplace Bullying University was very informative and rewarding...I will use this knowledge for myself and in my career to assist targets of abuse. - D.S. (MSW)

WBI assistance, expertise, and professionalism are amazing. The time and talent invested are obvious in their ability to explain using a variety of perspectives. The teaching experience and therapeutic backgrounds are evident in discussion and the language is both academic and informed, [as well as] situationally appropriate. - B.P. (LCSW)

WBI [is the] most comprehensive place to get information about workplace bullying -- what to do, what to say. The training provided answers to any and all questions I had before I came. Provided information and background. Provided tools. Packaged everything I need to know in a dynamic training. - M.K. (MD)

Please pass on my thanks to Gary and Ruth for the program they provided. It is very well put together, and replete with information, research and tested approaches to the problem of Bullying. Thank them also for the books, slides, notes and material provided. They deserve congratulations and admiration for the work they have maintained over 15 or so years, their educational generosity, and their commitment to legislation in each US state, and their international contribution. - M.W. (MD)