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The only educational program of its kind, established in 2008, for professionals, to address all aspects of the workplace bullying phenomenon informed by a collection of over 450 research articles. The program creators are WBI founders — Drs. Gary and Ruth Namie.

By joining forces with CultureSafe NZ, Ltd, its director Allan Halse will introduce NZ-specific resolution strategies.

Attendees take home the tools required to launch anti-bullying initiatives within their own organizations.

About Allan Halse, CultureSafe NZ Founder and Director …

“Without Allan Halse’s skills and abilities as an advocate and negotiating representative; we would not have got the positive result that we did.”

“Allan’s key strengths, I believe are his ability to listen without judgement, capacity to clearly and simply explain legislative rules, think strategically, detaching the emotion around issues of concern and look to how these may be best resolved for all parties going forward. He believes strongly in fairness, respect, equity and justice as described in legislation and is not easily intimidated when these rules have been contravened, and is not afraid to challenge authority in these cases.”

“During the matter which developed over more than a year I had regular and in-depth contact with Allan Halse … He impressed me as a representative always striving for a balance between the interests of the employee, The Public Service Association and the employer. He was concerned that the employee was treated fairly and justly within their legal rights, and at the same time endeavoured to apply the lessons learned to improving the relationship between the PSA and the employer for the future betterment of both PSA members and the employer. This balanced approach was not in my 44 years of experience common among worker union representatives. His disinterested integrity was manifest throughout the matter.”

About the Namies delivering Workplace Bullying University …

“This is more than a course, a class, or a training. It is truly an experience. I have been in HR for 20 years and I can tell you that attending WBU was one of the most fulfilling and gratifying experiences of my life. It even motivated me to seek my PhD and to write my dissertation on workplace bullying.”

“I came away with an in-depth perspective that permeated my being. I received more information in 3 days than in the previous 2 years of research. Gary and Ruth Namie bring a perspective to organizational culture, leadership, and HR that can only be derived from personal experience coupled with scholarly research and study.”

“Without exaggeration, the WBI Workplace Bullying University was the best training I have attended in my twenty-three years as a both a union attorney and union representative. While Dr. Namie’s knowledge of workplace bullying is encyclopedic, he is able to present this information with incredible clarity and passion.”

“Gary and Ruth are the “go-to” experts for this topic. They have it all: academic expertise, practical experience, warm and engaging conversational style and that indefinable sense of grace. Quite simply Gary & Ruth are the Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers of workplace bullying!”

“Gary is brilliant, charismatic and thoughtful. He keeps the group connected through his experiences and knowledge. Finally — now — I have the tools to address one of the most rampant and harmful workplace problems of all — bullying. I’m grateful to have the tools to achieve a psychologically healthy and safe workplace!”


(1) Rate for representatives of Institutions, private practice Professionals: $3,000 (N Z)
(2) Individuals not representing organizations: $2,500 (N Z)
(3) Union officials or representatives: $2,000 (N Z)
If deposit is paid on/before September 28, tuition is only $2,000 (N Z)

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