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Upcoming Workplace Bullying University® Session

The next public session will be in San Francisco, CA on October 13-14-15, 2017

Tuition discount deadline will end in September.

The training site. Book your flights and reserve your room. Travel, lodging and meal expenses are the responsibility of participants.

You can request we come to your city, anywhere in the U.S. When five (5) individuals from one city declare interest and prepay, we will bring University to that city. Tell your professional colleagues. Use the form on this page to designate the location.

Companies, government agencies and unions may also request an on-site University.

Participants must be approved by the hosts. We reserve the right to refuse a seat to any individual. Before registering, understand clearly what University does provide and what it does not.

Current targets of bullying will not be permitted to attend University for the sake of their well being.