The next San Francisco 3-day sessions open to the public is Sept 14-16

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The Workplace Bullying Institute invites you to join us in a creative and unique experience. Spend three intensive days with Dr. Gary and Dr. Ruth Namie, co-founders of the Workplace Bullying Institute.

Take back to your organization SOLUTIONS that will prevent and correct bullying. Restore psychological safety to optimize employee health!

Deliverables include:

(1) All the evidence-based materials required to educate all workers, including supervisors and managers.
(2) Strategies for a comprehensive employer solution complete with predictable barriers and obstacles to implementation.
(3) All the resources to launch a successful internal anti-bullying initiative in your organization.
(4) Information enabling volunteers to validate, inform and heal bullied coworkers as "experts" in bullying.

Since 2008, Who Attends?

HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS, nurses and physicians attend, taking back the tools to implement JCAHO's "Culture of Safety" Standard. Learn more.

MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS, psychologists, counselors, social workers claim a specialized niche to treat bullied individuals and their families. Learn more.

LEGAL PROFESSIONALS, attorneys learn to better deal with their bullied and harassed clients and the science to strengthen their cases. Learn more.

HIGHER EDUCATION ACADEMICIANS, apply the science and content to new or existing courses they teach. Learn more.

UNION OFFICIALS, take the materials to train Expert Teams to support bullied members, push for CBA language, & to organize around the topic of bullying. Learn more.

CONSULTING & TRAINING PROFESSIONALS, expand their repertoire of presentations to include the hot topic of workplace bullying. Learn more.

SAFETY & HEALTH PROFESSIONALS, capitalize on your experience integrating employee safety with strategic organizational goals and leadership commitment to add psychological violence to the list of employee health problems to be addressed. Learn more.

HUMAN RESOURCE PROFESSIONALS, improve their employer's capacity to prevent and correct workplace bullying, becoming an employer of choice. Learn more.

SCHOOL BULLYING PREVENTION TRAINERS, extend their expertise into the field of adult bullying to work with client schools. Learn more.

INDIVIDUALS CHARTING NEW CAREER PATHS, former bullied targets whose careers are in transition and who seek to create new narratives and professional lives for themselves, a transformative experience.

In this personal immersion, small group, program you will receive graduate-level knowledge of the workplace bullying phenomenon. Gary and Ruth Namie are the best qualified to teach Workplace Bullying because their work includes: advising and coaching targeted individuals AND conducting research AND interpreting the research of others AND writing popular books AND writing for scientific journals AND being interviewed for over 1,200 media stories and broadcasts AND directing the state-by-state legislative campaign for the anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill in the U.S. AND delivering professional speeches AND bringing doctoral-level training in psychology (clinical and social) AND serving as an expert witness in court cases AND training union stewards and reps and internal expert cadre teams AND creating policies and enforcement procedures for employers voluntarily tackling bullying. As a WBI University graduate, you absorb information from all of these perspectives.

You will learn to customize the components for your personal needs and, upon completion of this course, you will be authorized to deliver presentations introducing Workplace Bullying to a variety of audiences — public or business groups using WBI materials, statistics, and our unique approach.