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Workplace Bullying University for Higher Education Academicians

The content-rich WB University provides timely, requisite knowledge that enables Academics to:

• Get a crash review of the extant scientific literature on the subject

• Assemble a semester- or quarter-long college course on Workplace Bullying (Psychological Violence At Work) in business school or departments of sociology or psychology

• Become the resident expert to launch a campus-wide anti-bullying initiative

• Train colleagues in the phenomenon

The WBI WB University faculty bring an unparalleled understanding of the phenomenon, as well as years of graduate university instruction in human resources management, management, and psychology. Our knowledge and solutions enable employers to protect their valuable employees from bullying, and protect organizations from attrition, vicarious liability and profit loss.

Dr. Gary Namie created the first college course on adult bullying in the U.S. -- Psychological Violence At Work in 2002 at Western Washington University.

Register today or call for more information -- 360.656.6630

Comments about the training from an attending law professor:

"This was a unique and remarkable intellectual and personal experience ... a jam-packed, soup-to-nuts curriculum ... a very, very substantive program... extensive research and commentary ... plenty of time for discussion ... with a chance to share our interests, stories, and experiences ... bonds form quickly and ideas begin to hatch" D.Y.