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Workplace Bullying University for HR Professionals

The content-rich WB University provides timely, requisite knowledge that enables HR professionals to:

• Provide compassionate & understanding service to individuals who report bullying-related problems.

• Coach and correct individuals accused of bullying.

• Distinguish bullying and other forms of non-physical violence from conflict.

• Identify gaps in your current policies that may prevent you from addressing workplace bullying.

• Improve the complaint and investigation procedures for bullying-related cases, involving a shift from adjudication & punishment to restorative justice.

• Stop the talent flight caused by the few bullies, costing your organization thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs. Yes, the market is an employer's market, but the most talented people can afford to choose their employer. Would you be an employer of choice?

• Devise the most compelling business case justifying an internal campaign against workplace bullying despite no mandate from existing U.S. laws or statutes. Be better able to consult with executives about the impact on your company, agency or ministry, the preventable financial losses as well some negative intangibles such as a tarnished reputation.

• Implement systemic solutions to change your work environment in a positive, sustainable way.

• Leverage your anti-bullying efforts to position your employer to recruit and retain a coveted workforce.

• Understand the international movement related to workplace bullying laws as well as the Canadian provincial initiatives. Learn from the founders of the U.S. Healthy Workplace Campaign the status of bills introduced in 30 U.S. states since we began the work in 2002. You will be able to accurately anticipate the effect of future laws for your employer.

The University faculty bring an unparalleled understanding of the phenomenon, as well as years of graduate university instruction in human resources management, management, and psychology. Our knowledge and solutions enable employers to protect their valuable employees from bullying, and protect organizations from attrition, vicarious liability and profit loss.

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Comments about the training from previous attendees in the fields of HR, Training, and Organizational Development:

As an HR graduate of the Workplace Bullying University I can assure you that this is one of the most valuable investments [my company's] HR has made. This material and education effectively addresses the complex dynamic [of bullying] - more than any HR strategy I have seen used.  And with over 30 years of HR experience, I can testify to that. - G.H.

Dr. Namie brings to the table a language and definitive, research-based methodology for achieving results. This translates to increased empowerment/engagement , motivation, ROI, productivity; success!  This is huge when dealing with bullying, a widespread issue, few want to deal with because it is difficult to describe, highly political, and emotionally charged.  HR professionals and businss leaders need to be trained to lead organizations in eliminating bullying. And, they need to be clearly supported by their senior management. Workplace Bullying University supports and positions this work.- L.G.

Knowing what targets go through and getting involved in resolving these extremely difficult matters can only be an impetus for HR professionals to get even better at addressing the topic. We know the signs, we hear the reports, and we work hard to rectify the situations … The tools and the data will absolutely help the HR professional understand how their actions (or inactions) can impact the employee, the witnesses, and the organization overall. Even if we can't get to the hearts of those don't believe that bullying is truly an issue, knowledge about how this impacts the bottom line can do it (absenteeism, higher health care costs, potential litigation, employee morale, productivity, etc.) - N.D.

I can't say enough about the level of expertise that Ruth and Gary possess. They are on top of the latest legal, organizational, and psychological information...I learned a lot of in-depth information about the legal and psychological aspects of bullying. I met incredibly smart people who are committed to making a positive difference in organizations. - M.G.

Few things are as smart as investing in becoming a better thinker and developing a stronger mind. Relentless learning is one of the main traits of an open and powerful person. If you want to develop a stronger mind regarding the bullying landscape, culture change, or simply seek to improve your skills in identifying bullies, take this course. Do it in a snap. You won't regret it! - W.P.