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Workplace Bullying University for Student Bullying Professionals

Veteran Olweus trainers and other school bullying experts tell us two things. First, that the adult teachers and staff tell them their gut-wrenching personal bullying stories. Second, they are asked how to stop it. Until now, you've not had the answers.

The truth is that student bullying, your field of expertise, and adult bullying, our expertise, are different in significant ways.

It has become apparent during past Workplace Bullying Universities that school bullying prevention skills make the transition to becoming a master of adult bullying much easier for participants. Specifically, our positive experiences with two Pennsylvania Olweus trainers -- Pam Countouris and Jim Bozigar who attended our March 2012 University in Bellingham, WA -- convinced us that one of the most productive routes to change schools is through University-trained Olweus and school bullying prevention trainers. After University, they can do it all -- for children and adults in schools.

By completing the program you will be able to:

  • • Offer training for the adults in schools where you have an established reputation
  • • Conduct community education on workplace bullying as an affiliate of the Workplace Bullying Institute
  • • Address employer requests to raise awareness about the topic of workplace bullying on-site

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