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Workplace Bullying University for Training & Development Professionals

Workplace Bullying is a topic with only future growth anticipated. Greater notoriety in 2012 is a certainty as the enactment of state laws approaches. These factors couple with an escalating societal intolerance of abuse of anyone -- work is the last bastion where abuse has been tolerated.

Position yourself as a professional superior to sexual harassment trainers who will attempt unconvincingly to claim they always understood bullying (but never suggested to their clients it might be a problem until now) and whose programs will border on malpractice.

Expand your repertoire of specialties with Workplace Bullying. WBI's Workplace Bullying University will enable you to:

• Own the materials needed to develop all-hands and supervisory training sessions

• Acquire the research-driven background competitors don't know to elevate your presentations

• Challenge your assumptions about the topic in a safe learning environment with the pioneers

• Gain in-depth insight into the profiles of perpetrators and targets

• See the work world through the lens of bullied targets in ways that no one else can teach you

• Equip yourself to convince the C-suite dwellers that bullying deserves their attention

• Anticipate and overcome vexing and paradoxical organizational resistance to the topic

University faculty and WBI founders launched the U.S. movement. They also originated the workplace bullying consulting field in the U.S.

Register today or call for more information -- 360.656.6630

Comments about Workplace Bullying University from attendees in the field of Training and Development:

I wanted to thank you for 3 of the most informative and intellectually stimulating days I have ever spent. Your passion is infectious and your research IMPRESSIVE!!! As many conferences as I have attended, I have never experienced one so enriching. You are special people to do what you do and I am motivated to educate people that "workplace bullying" is a critical issue that needs addressed. - P.C.

I know this is long overdue, but I wanted to tell you thank you again for the WB University. It was extremely informative and helpful, even though I had studied a lot. Honestly, I could have gone even longer each day. I am so impressed with all the work you have done in laying down the foundation for this issue. I know of no other source that lays out the issues so well. - D.H.

I got everything I needed - and more! The days were packed with information and the time just flew by. We had a really great group. The facilitation by Ruth and Gary Namie was terrific. I'm glad I came. - J.B.