Participants receive:

• Three intensive days of mentally and emotionally challenging learning in a small highly interactive group.
• The ability to speak with authority and credibility on the topic of workplace bullying.
• 450+ research articles upon which the WBI evidence-based approach is grounded.
• In-depth coverage of the presentation components customized for different audiences, focusing on areas such as targets, employers, lawmakers, and unions.
• Copies of the Namies' books: The Bully-Free Workplace (2011) and The Bully At Work (2009, 2nd ed.)
• Digital resources, both audio and video, to use in presentations, including complete webinars.
• A thorough assessment of current international research in neuroscience, epidemiology, and the social and management sciences.
• An interpretation and thorough understanding of the WBI national U.S. Workplace Bullying Surveys (2017, 2014, 2010, 2007) from the authors and owners of the results and the 45+ other WBI studies.
• Review of existing and proposed anti-bullying laws in U.S., Canada, and the world.
• The chance to have intimate discussions in a safe, caring, confidential group of like-minded participants, most of whom have lived the experience.

What We Deliver

• A comprehensive, systemic approach to understanding the origins of, and solutions to workplace bullying.
• The coupling of empirical scientific evidence and extensive WBI anecdotal data about who is targeted by bullying and its destructive impact on all affected individuals.
• Integration of research from occupational health, epidemiology, neuroscience, social and management sciences about perpetrators, witnesses, managers, HRM, executives and organizations.
• Best practices from working as organizational consultants since 1985; originators of the workplace bullying consulting field.
• Lessons learned from directing the national campaign to enact anti-bullying legislation in the states for over a decade.

Uniqueness of the Experience

• You will be part of a group of intelligent, motivated, like-minded individuals from different disciplines.
• Ideas and connections to related phenomena from social and management sciences, psychiatry, medicine and neuroscience spontaneously emerge from our discussions. Meaningful tangents are frequent. It is akin to graduate school-level seminars where everyone is engaged and the professor is no dummy.
• You will leave validated, inspired and exhausted from the intellectual workout but motivated to pursue the huge task of assimilating the vast set of take-home materials.

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